Welcome to Long Beach Community Acupuncture!
We are happy you are here.

As the first community acupuncture clinic in the city of Long Beach, California, we offer high-quality, affordable acupuncture every day. Our mission is to make this medicine more accessible so everyone can experience how effective it can be as part of their daily lives.


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how we treat

We offer high-quality, personalized treatments in our peaceful common room. Patients relax in comfortable recliners supported by the collective healing around them. We believe group settings yield many benefits: more people have access to acupuncture in a given hour, friends and family can come in together, and people can retain their needles for up to an hour.

our pricing

We offer our acupuncture treatment on a sliding scale of $20-$50, with an additional $10 consultation fee on your first visit. We will never ask you to verify your income and you decide how much to pay at each visit.

Our sliding scale is part of our commitment to you and your health. We want you to get better and have made it affordable for you to do so!


To schedule an appointment, call us at (562) 477-5045.
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Long Beach Community Acupuncture is a proud member of the People's Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA), which is a cooperative owned by Patients, Organizations, Clinics, Acupuncturists, and Students.  POCA organizes collective investments of time, energy, participation, and money to improve access to affordable community acupuncture. To learn more, click here.