LBCA is Now Offering Cupping!

available thursdays - “acupuncture with add-ons”


Cupping is a highly effective, ancient therapy that has been used by many cultures to treat pain and other ailments. In acupuncture and Chinese medicine, we conceptualize physical pain as a blockage of energy and blood circulation to a specific area. Attaching a glass or plastic cup to the surface of the skin exerts negative pressure, pulling up on the skin, instead of pushing down. It helps the body eliminate toxins and reduce muscle spasms caused by a buildup of cell waste. The surface congestion caused by cupping allows the body to rid itself of toxins via the capillary and lymphatic system, making room for fresh blood to infuse the affected area.

We have been trained in cupping specifically by Susan Johnson, LAc, in addition to the introduction that most acupuncture schools provide. We take this therapy very seriously and prescribe it only when needed. Cupping helps us diagnose problems and can speed up the healing process.

The procedure can be uncomfortable, especially in the first 60 seconds, when most of the toxins are removed, and it may leave marks that look like bruises. These will gradually fade. As the body clears stagnation, the cups should color less and less. It is important to eat well before this therapy and drink lots of water afterward, as it can be intense and leave one drained. In rare cases, it may make the affected area feel worse before it feels better. Aftercare is extremely important. We strongly recommend keeping the cupped area covered and protected from wind and water for 48 hours afterward. Not protecting the area can undo the benefits of cupping and allow for exterior invasions to penetrate the area and cause complications. Most of the time, three rounds of cupping will markedly improve a condition and cups should not color at all, signaling that the body is processing toxins more easily and blood circulation has normalized.

Cupping can be especially good for chronic pain that responds minimally to acupuncture and other therapies. It can have profound effects on fibromyalgia syndrome and when combined with needling can produce extraordinary results with some arthritic conditions. It can be very useful for detox, especially if someone has had chemo or radiation or works in conditions with lots of chemical compounds.

We offer cupping on Thursdays, from 1:00 - 5:00 pm, as part of our acupuncture with add-on service. Cupping is a flat fee of $60 and you can add acupuncture treatment from our sliding scale of $20-$50. Having an acupuncture treatment after cupping can sustain the effects quite well.

To find out more, please call 562-477-5045.

To read and download our cupping consent form, click here.

Disclaimer: the above information has been adapted from Susan Johnson’s article, “The Art of Cupping” (Click here to read it. Copyright Susan Johson, L.Ac. 2006.