At Long Beach Community Acupuncture (LBCA), we celebrate community every single day.

Community Acupuncture is a model of treatment that utilizes a group setting and a sliding scale fee, $15-$40. New patients pay an additional $10 for the initial consultation. By making acupuncture more affordable, LBCA makes it more accessible. By treating in a quiet, common area, we allow more people to benefit from regular treatments at any given time.

Typically, in the US, patients receive acupuncture in private rooms and pay much higher rates; it is generally too expensive for them to follow through with a treatment plan and experience just how powerful acupuncture can be. Community clinics deliver acupuncture more like it is done in Asia, with patients sitting in groups receiving treatment, sometimes daily, to achieve the best outcome.

We know that frequent treatments can make a real difference in one's overall health and wellness. Keeping our fees low allows you to come in more often so that you can actually afford to get better.

We believe that there's a lot of power and healing potential when people unite. We are a proud member of the People's Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA). In 2014, POCA clinics provided over one million treatments to their local communities and we are excited to provide a quiet, common space for the people of Long Beach to rest together, heal together, and support each other in the process. A group setting reminds us that we are not alone in our suffering whether it be from the common cold or from chronic pain. In this environment, we can also treat family members and friends together.

LBCA does not receive any outside funding from grants. We are not a free or donation-based clinic but a sustainable, social business, providing high-quality affordable healthcare, and living-wage jobs for acupuncturists. Like other POCA clinics, we operate on slim margins, and that's why we can use a sliding scale. Our mission is to support our community by making acupuncture more accessible. We welcome everyone to give it a try!