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About people's organization of community acupuncture

Long Beach Community Acupuncture is a proud member of the People's Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA), which is a cooperative owned by Patients, Organizations, Clinics, Acupuncturists, and Students.  POCA organizes collective investments of time, energy, participation, and money to improve access to affordable community acupuncture. To learn more, keep reading or click here.

POCA's Mission

The purpose of the People's Organization of Community Acupuncture is to create a stable and sustainable economic foundation for the delivery of affordable acupuncture, and to establish and maintain structures to that end. 

Why should patients join poca?

  • FREE treatment the week of your birthday at a POCA clinic
  • 3 FREE first-time treatment cards to share with family/friends (family/friends will still need to pay the $10 consult fee)
  • New patient fee waived at all POCA clinics
  • Receive the co-op newsletter, "Sticking Together"
  • Opportunity to become a working member
  • Vote in annual POCA elections
  • Support community acupuncture in your own neighborhood 

The membership fee is $25-$100 per year, and patients can choose what amount is comfortable for them.

Want to learn more about how POCA influences patient care at LBCA? Click here to read our POCA-related blogs. 

POCA Headquarters

Portland, OR | 971-400-8739