nirva parikh, LAc

I graduated from Yo San University in Los Angeles late in 2015 and I received my license to practice in 2016. As a student I had heard of community acupuncture a number of times and it just felt like the right road for me. With a prior background in community development and urban planning, I am excited to be able to provide care that is community-oriented and affordable to all.

At Long Beach Community Acupuncture, I am so happy to serve such a welcoming and diverse group of patients that is so reflective of this city. To this community, I offer my experience in treating conditions like headaches, chronic and acute pain, menstrual disorders, stress, anxiety, and gastrointestinal issues. But I am also excited to grow as I treat new conditions along the way.

In my off time, I enjoy spending time at the beach, kayaking, reading about Chinese Medicine and beyond, and spending quality time with friends and family.