Ayla dawn joie mansouri

I’m so happy to be a part of the Long Beach Community Acupuncture (LBCA) team. My first treatment was in 2015 and I immediately loved the community healing vibes of the clinic. It was so inspiring to see others taking care of themselves, and the after-effects of my first acupuncture treatment were pure bliss.

As I learned more about LBCA’s commitment to affordable healthcare, as well as the history of community acupuncture in the United States, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the LBCA magic. In my opinion, this is largely a result of the community setting. To see strangers sit in stillness and heal is a sight you just don’t get anywhere else. There’s a peacefulness that pervades the treatment room and it’s really humbling to chat with our patients and hear about their experiences.

Outside of the clinic, I enjoy biking, yoga, surfing, hiking, and walking my dog. I am also a Stanford University interviewer, Master Reiki practitioner, Director of Communications at a mental health clinic in Pasadena, and consultant to multiple EFT Centers throughout the Southern California region. I am currently working with a NYT best-selling author to release of series of parenting books for new parents.