While yesterday was a “pretty amazing day” in POCA, it was also for Long Beach Community Acupuncture—our first month anniversary! Since LBCA opened, 103 naps have occurred in our short life as a clinic—that’s 103 treatments and 103 moments of concentrated stillness and relaxation. Each time someone decided to make a commitment to their health in this simple, powerful way.

LBCA was conceived with patients in mind and with the intention to expand acupuncture’s reach to everyday people with real health concerns.

We are not a spa, though you might feel pampered by the time you leave. We do not view acupuncture as a luxury item that’s only reserved for people who have lots of other choices for healthcare and alternative treatments. Acupuncture treatments have very practical uses; they are simple, minimally invasive, and often highly effectively.   

In our welcome letter we talk about “Acupuncture as a Process,” and the life of this clinic is also a process. It is easy before opening a business to worry about everything that’s not finished. We’re still trying to figure out filing cabinets, storage shelves, herbal dispensary, on-line charting, and the list goes on. But I believe we had the essential things in place to open: needles, alcohol, cotton balls, comfy chairs and a peaceful room to rest. Your presence and commitment have reinforced that.

Thank you for your support of this clinic. I look forward to our future growth, treating more and more patients, hiring more practitioners, and eventually expanding our hours.

This is just the beginning.