Community in Action

One night last year, I was riding my bicycle home after a busy day at the clinic. Waiting at a stop light by a popular LB coffee shop, I happened to see one of my patients through the window engaged in lively conversation. Looking closer, I realized she was talking to another LBCA regular!

This may not seem so unusual, as many friends and family members come here together to get treatments. However, this meeting I randomly witnessed was truly special because it was the result of the unique and amazing community of LBCA.

Both women had conceived while getting treatments at the clinic and one happened to be new in town. After she’d learned of her pregnancy, she asked me if I knew anyone else who was also pregnant, hoping to find a connection with someone to share this experience. I did have someone in mind and said I’d contact this other woman, let her know the circumstances, and leave it up to her to decide.

And there they were laughing, drinking tea, and bonding over their new lives together as expectant mothers. It was lovely to see.

This is not an isolated incident of the generosity of our community of patients. Many volunteer their time to make this clinic run more smoothly in all kinds of ways from reception help to cleaning. In the past month, I had one patient with a particular diagnosis make herself available to someone else who had received a similar one. Not only did she email me back with detailed information of supplements and lifestyle changes that helped her but, again, offered to talk with this person via email or phone—an act not to be underestimated when someone needs help.

These acts of kindness and connection are part of what makes this clinic such an awesome place. Week after week, the treatment room fills and empties. Strangers, friends, and family members participate in this peaceful act of trust and connection. None of us are alone, despite the way life can sometimes feel.