Indicators that Acupuncture is Working

Dramatic stories of healing are always more exciting to hear about than one that begins, “After the twelfth treatment, I began to notice a difference. . .” We like quick fixes—all of us—but more often things improve in slow increments and acupuncture is no exception.

The effect of acupuncture can be subtle as well as dramatic. Perhaps the needle insertion proves to be stimulating while the actual resting and healing might be somewhat anti-climactic in comparison. Everyone responds differently to treatment.

With chronic conditions the body and mind are used to the ways we carry and respond to pain and sometimes that keeps people from noticing beneficial changes. Improvements can be as subtle as the fact a person simply feels like doing more, even if the physical discomfort isn’t completely gone. One patient I know who had been struggling with a knee problem, found herself in a full squat, watering and tending to her plants, and suddenly realized that she had not been able to do this without discomfort for months—it was a jarring yet delightful afterthought.

On return visits, when I ask about changes in a health condition, someone will say that he hasn’t really noticed that problem—an answer that’s usually indicative of improvement because the issue is no longer occupying his focus.

Another good indicator of how well acupuncture is working is when you take a break from it, especially if your treatments have been frequent, say 2 to 3 times a week. Missing a week can really show you how well your body is responding.

Next week, LBCA will be closed for summer vacation from August 4rth through the 8th. After that, we will resume normal business hours. You can use this week as an opportunity to check in to see how much difference a week off makes. Or if you don’t want to take a break, consider visiting our sister community clinic, Blue Heart Acupuncture, in Orange. As a POCA clinic you’ll know what to expect, low fees and a restful community environment.

Enjoy this last month of summer and I’ll see you when I get back!