Treating at Bike Fest 2014

I love community events like Bike Fest. There is always great people watching and, as an extrovert, I find it fun to talk with people and tell them about our clinic, discuss acupuncture in general, and for those willing, provide them with free treatment.

Over twenty people enjoyed free treatments on Saturday in our booth. We provided a little calm in the midst of all the activity. There were bike races, a fashion show, a coffee tent, many beer tents, and live music. Treating people outside has its particular challenges; this time it was the heat of the sun. Still, there was a cool breeze and lots of camaraderie under our canopy.

Unlike the serene environment of the clinic where people keep to themselves and go inward to rest and repair, public events foster lots of conversation. People still relax and some doze off. Last year, cyclists reviewed their races while they were needled. This year people chatted about the weather, shared how acupuncture has helped them, and casually talked with others who were just standing nearby.

One of the coolest things I witnessed was how an LBCA regular calmly guided someone who was totally new to acupuncture and very nervous. It was gentle and sweet and indicative of the great community of people that come to our clinic. Healing can happen anywhere and definitely thrives in groups. 

Thanks for supporting this clinic on site and at events like this. We appreciate you!

To see some of our pictures of Bike Fest, follow this link to our Facebook Page.