That’s the number of treatments that POCA clinics gave in 2013 and LBCA was part of this massive tally! Despite these high treatment numbers and that 192 clinics responded to the annual survey, there are still so few community acupuncture clinics in the U.S., which means there are many underserved populations.

If you’ve ever looked at our POCA map before or after one of your treatments, it’s easy to see how far and wide the space is between the pins. Nevada is in desperate need of community clinics as are Montana, Nebraska, Arkansas, and Mississippi. In Southern California alone, there could be many, many more. 

Within the last month, I’ve had inquiries from people wondering if there were community clinics in Ontario and Placentia and, sadly, there has been little to recommend. One person said, “I didn't realize how few the community clinics are. Wow. I'm even more thankful that you opened up yours right here! 

And I am thankful too. I love serving the Long Beach and surrounding communities through the work this clinic does.

If you love community acupuncture and want to see it thrive, consider joining POCA. May is the spring membership drive and as a cooperative we have clinic, patient, punk, and organizational memberships. All members get to vote on how the co-op grows, and all members have access to the forums, receive free treatments on their birthdays, along with free treatment cards for friends and family. In addition, your membership in POCA will help support the micro-loan program that provides start-up capital to acupuncturists looking to set up clinics in underserved areas and it will help fund POCA Tech, an affordable acupuncture school dedicated to training people to work in community clinics.

LBCA wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for POCA, a generous community sharing business information and practice information. Our mission is to make acupuncture more accessible to more people. We have done over 1500 treatments since we opened in September and many of them have benefitted people who would’ve never even believed acupuncture was an option for them.

At LBCA, “community” is not a marketing term suggesting a cheaper alternative to what regular people have access to or is somehow less valuable than a normal price. We are proud to offer affordable acupuncture and we are here for regular people with common health problems.

Thank you for helping us celebrate community every single day!