Need(le) a Tune-Up?

There is a couple who has come to LBCA consistently since it opened. They were both new to acupuncture when they showed up at the clinic and have been learning how to use it for their particular healthcare needs ever since. They are a true model of how salutary a community clinic setting can be for couples and families.

Like many people, their first few visits were spaced closer together to take care of pressing, aggravating issues that interfered with daily life. Now, they come every two weeks for a tune-up or maintenance treatment. Each time they arrive together, select their favorite chairs, and comfortably rest with each other close by. It is lovely to see people use the clinic in this way.

It’s an ideal—acupuncture as preventive—but most people haven’t had a chance to experience it this way. Most of us, get so busy with everyday life that we put off addressing that sore hip or neck, those chronic headaches or painful periods, hoping they will eventually get better or just go away as we rush around to get to work on time, grocery shop, clean house, and attend to the millions of other details that are part of daily existence.

While you have the opportunity to rest for an hour at LBCA, you certainly don’t have to. In fact, many people who come only want to rest for 20-30 minutes. It’s all the time they have in a given day. The beauty of this clinic is that not only do you choose what you pay, but you can choose how long you rest too. You can choose to come alone or bring a friend or family member. Consider how this clinic might best serve your particular healthcare needs.

On one of the last visits by this couple, we were joking around about the sign I had out front that read: “Free Nap with Acupuncture treatment.” The phrasing had definitely made people stop to check out the clinic and I am always looking for a good eye-catching slogan to put on my signboard.

He recommended something like, “you tune up your car, so why not your body?” We riffed on aligning the steering and aligning your chakras. Our bodies which support us day in and day out, working hard, no matter what we put them through, definitely deserve a little maintenance.

Bring yourself in for a tune-up. I’ll be happy to hear any catchy phrases that describe your experience of acu-napping too!