Who Loves a Headache?

I love a headache. Really, I do. They are one of the many things I enjoy treating with acupuncture, and mostly because people see immediate changes in pain levels and often leave LBCA with complete relief.

Dr. Anthony Komaroff , who writes “Ask Dr. K,” a syndicated column, endorsed acupuncture for tension headaches. Dr. K includes it as a viable treatment alternative to medications which can cause side effects and “can be toxic to the liver.” He explains that acupuncture “may release endorphins, the body’s natural painkilling chemicals,” and goes on to say that “acupuncture can be used for relieving head pain as it occurs and for reducing headache frequency.” I see this all the time for all kinds of headaches and fast results are part of what makes acupuncture fun to do.

It may sound strange to use the word “fun” when talking about working with people through their pain and suffering. But as a practitioner, it is extremely gratifying to see results no matter how long the course of treatment. Most often health issues take multiple visits. Instantaneous, long-lasting outcomes are rare, especially when dealing with chronic pain or autoimmune diseases. These kinds of issues require regular maintenance to manage difficult symptoms that affect daily life.

But this is also why I love practicing community acupuncture. Our mode of delivery, in a common space with the sliding scale fee, allows people to get the amount of treatments they need—regardless of the limitations of insurance—to maintain their health.

Do you have a health issue you want to work on? Come see us and find out if acupuncture is a good fit for you.

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